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When Hired Gun Copy Makes Sense… And Money

Hey there, long time no see!

Today I wanted to let you in on a little secret. A secret only maverick marketers and wealthy product owners seem to be in on.

You know, the ones with money in their pockets.

See, everyone agrees that great copywriting and launch strategy is where ALL the money is made.

And yet, people wringe their hands and whine when it clearly comes time to hire one.

You know what? I completely sympathize with that. Completely.

I mean, who would spend anywhere between 5000 to 15000 dollars (plus backend royalties) on hiring a big gun copywriter and marketing strategist… with no way to know whether it ever comes back to you?

THAT is where the secret lies.

What Gary Halbert used to call PMW’s (Players With Money) know when it’s time to hire a copywriter.

And basically, that is when:

  • There is proven demand for the product (verifiable from sources such as SRDS or NextMark)
  • The target market has money and is willing to spend it (again verifiable from the above sources)
  • The product in question is a high value, high price product with predictably low return rates

That’s just about it. Not rocket science, but so few start here. Hence all the hand-wriging and whining.

The third point especially seems to escape a lot of people, so let’s look deeper into it.

So WHY does it make sense to hire a copywriter when selling big ticket items:

  • The cost in proportion to the upside really is negligible
  • You need some real persuasion mojo to sell something expensive (esp. these days when people hold on to their savings)
  • The ROI on it is MASSIVE compared to selling something like a 29 dollar ebook

Examples of such offerings:

  • Coaching programs
  • Buying and selling web sites – site flipping (both in selling the site, and in tuning up its selling power)
  • Big ticket information products (home study courses in a box, multimedia membership sites etc.)
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Product launches with loads of partners
  • Personal high value-add services
  • When selling an entire business, business model, or business opportunity!

If you look at ANY successful marketer, online or off… you can bet your pants what they do all leads to a big ticket offering.

So if you haven’t thought about including one or more such products in your product funnel… well, it’s time to start thinking! 🙂

And when you’re done thinking, drop me a line here or go to www.ecommercecopywriting.com.

Looking forward to creating your success!

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