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Does Empathy Help Sell Your Stuff?

If you know anything about copywriting, you know it’s ripe with, well, just copied or at best swiped or adapted elements.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, after all it’s wise to model your ads after those who’ve demonstrated undeniable, repeatable results.

However, true persuasion goes way beyond copying and modeling those who came before.

Because even standing on the shoulders of giants gets you only so far. Ditto for swiping – you can copy (or if you’re not careful, actually plagiarize) the likes of Halbert, Carlton, Fortin or Makepeace all day long if you must.


But at some point you’ve got to look beyond that… all the way to the core of your prospect.

Look straight into their heart and soul, and do nothing but listen.

Listen to what they’re really looking for. What’s keeping them up at night, what captures their imagination, what their secret dreams are, how they want to be treated, how they want to be SAVED even…

That’s how you get to mirror what’s in your prospect’s reality, instead of just ‘putting together’ all the elements of a sales pitch and hoping it will do its job.


Do this instead:

  1. Get inside your prospects heart and soul (and not just the head – they won’t make decisions with their head anyway)
  2. Look around, listen and take notes – and I mean REALLY take notes, do NOT guess!
  3. Turn back, and use everything you’ve now got to mirror your prospect’s world – to directly, accurately lead them to the well they’re desperately looking for in their personal little desert.

When you do the EMPATHY TRIPLE-BYPASS… you fly past their resistance, and actually find out what’s essential to get and keep their attention, and what is not.

Remember: it’s ALL about the intimacy you’re able to create between yourself, what you’re promoting, and the prospect and their dreams.

That’s the difference between copy that feels copied, and real communication that serves a purpose – and gets outrageous results as a result!

And that’s the way I write copy, be it for me clients or for my own products.

If you want to find out more about Empathy Response Copywriting, peek your head in here:


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