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The One Thing to Learn In Copywriting

So many people have asked me this:

“If you had to choose, what would be The ONE thing… I should learn in Copywriting, first?”

Most others would say: to learn to write a great headline.

I’ll go against the grain a little and say, learn to write great bullets first.

This is for a couple of important reasons:

  • You won’t have the pressure of squeezing everything into that headline
  • You’ll do a full 360 around the product you’re writing about, with every aspect turned into bullets (then weed out the weak ones and recycle the good ones throughout the copy)
  • You’ll learn the routine of ‘getting into the product’ by writing copious amounts of bullets
  • In many cases, customers actually make a buying decision based on a specific bullet that addresses their particular need or mindset!

Gary Halbert used to write TONS of bullets… and they didn’t all ‘sell on steroids’. 😉

So what should you have in a great bullet, ideally? 

There are many formulas, but here’s one you’ll find works great:

  1. Base it on a GREAT benefit (ditch the lukewarm ones, they’ll do you no good here – you need the PUNCH!)
  2. Use elaborate word imagery (“like a bumblebee on a hot summer’s night”… you get the idea. Just don’t overdo it.)
  3. Finish off with a strong curiosity element (tell them something, but leave it unfinished – require for them to take the next step to scratch that itch!)

This 1-2-3 punch is MORE than enough to get you started, and apply to the ONE thing you need to learn in copywriting.

Practice this on a product of your choosing – one you’ve been commissioned, or just anything – and I guarantee you’ll become a better copywriter within days.

And you’ll create a great routine while you’re at it!

That’s your ONE thing to learn in copywriting. Go forth, warrior! 🙂

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  • June 14, 2013

    Creating relevant and high quality content is really an art. So with copywriting, not everyone has the skills to perform such talent. Thanks to your ideas.

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